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Socialism, Democratic Socialism and Communism Can't Work. Scroll Down to Learn Why!!!

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Follow the Money.
Who is Getting Richer off The Conflict?
Exploiting Race issues is how they keep you from
It has always been the rich getting rich by taking advantage of the poor and making the middle class pay.
The Rich pay the Media to keep you divided and focused on Race
as you pay through the nose with your liberties and the Middle Class shrinks. 
California, Where I was born and raised now has the largest population below the poverty level in the country.
Homelessness and Mental Illnesses are rising to alarming levels.
Welcome to Globalization. THEY - first have to level the playing field and The United States, Well, we had a high standard of living and that can't be if we are going to compete, globally. China is overtaking us Economically because they can. They are a collectivist society that appeals to everyone's sense of fairness. However, they are also very restrictive and do not value individual liberties as we do.
We will now be making less money and working harder, paying more taxes while keeping less of what we earn.
Men become women, women, men, and everybody stops listening as the world descends further into chaos.
Let people be people
If you are aware someone prefers a particular pronoun what's the big deal?
Don't scream about your right to self-determine while telling others they do not have the right to self-determine.
Stop getting distracted by your sense of morality, which is blind to your own immortality.
We are all hypocrites. We all justify our misdeeds in the name of God or Cause.
With the Democratic Republic, WE The People have the power to change that once our politicians get brought back under control. It will balance out again, it always does.
People are motivated by FEAR and both sides are adept at delivering that.
regardless of skin color or gender identity


Including Democratic Socialism!!!

I recently got a complaint about my free services. I have had three in the last 7 years. The complaint was about an exclusive link. I gave the band an exclusive link as long as I could but I have others to consider as well as my own interests. There is only so much time and money to go around. 
I would like nothing more than to live in an equitable society where everyone's intrinsic value as a human was equivalent to their economic value. The Profits of capitalism pay for a lot of services that Communism and Socialism just cannot provide no matter how well executed.
People who can do more and can work with others effectively get paid more.
People who assume responsibility get paid more.
Is the income gap too wide? My perspective says yes. However, If I cannot fill the needs of an employer I do not deserve the same pay as one who can.
This is how communism works, folks.
If you share resources you NEVER get what you want OR enough of what you NEED.
You get what you are given.
If you have 100.00 and you divide it amongst 20 people, each person now has two dollars and there is no money to save or invest in businesses or factories to create jobs.
The Federal Budget is $4,79 Trillion for fiscal year (2020) - that comes to $15,967 dollars per year per person in The USA with no money for food stamps or welfare or Medicare or Medicaid. None one would have money to invest in businesses or factories.
Now, we are just printing money out of thin air, which does nothing but drive up the cost of goods making them less attainable to the poor.
For globalization to work OUR standard of living must be brought down so we can pay for other countries to be brought up. I wish that were possible but that would require enormous resources to build the infrastructure to conquer the logistical challenges of getting the resources to where they are most needed, not because of scarcity, but lack of access.
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