Big Mike Public Relations Consulting

My focus is on the Social Media Aspect of Public Relations, not the traditional Aspect. Social Media has changed the way we relate to consumers by being able to reach niche markets, directly with real positive, information about you, your music, your product!!!

Using Social Media effectively.

Atlanta, Georgia, USA

PR Consulting Services

Based on the Principles of "The New Rules of Marketing and PR"

by David Meerman Scott

IF you read this entire page you will have all the information you need to DIY

I help you define who you are so people GET YOU

You don't have to be a Superstar or Charismatic All you have to do is show people who you are rather than advertising.

When people know you and identify with you they WILL buy your music.

The following are what I typically do for you as well as having the knowledge and experience to help

YOU develop

True Fans

I do nothing more than what you can do for yourself.

I just save you time and make forming Relationships with potential fans easier.

My goal has always been to make it easier for artists to develop and deep, organic base of true fans who will buy their music and merch. I do not just promote, I help artists learn the professional methods they can use themselves like I would use if they hired me.

I have always been here for the struggling, Independent Musician.

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.


1. A promotional Page like this one -

This page, for you, is like a PR Agency releasing a press kit. (I also prepare those, professionally and send them to connections.)

What you see are samples, like above. Press kits are what PR people use to present you to journalists and bloggers. If you want to play somewhere to introduce potential fans to you,

This is your online press kit.

Those who have used it as such and commented on it think it is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

2, I Follow your social media accounts (FB Twitter Linkedin) for you to get to know your base and the people who respond to your content.

​ 3. I Respond to your clients/fans in a general way that encourages engagement. I then funnel the most promising responders to you. You only have to deal personally with those who respond positively making building relationships less time-consuming.

4. I use carefully crated posts to Social Media using all the necessary elements as well as Music Industry Content Posts for your blog (See #7)

5. Growing your Following faster with targeted filtering

6. Artist Development (The Secrets for Success in Anything)

7. Starting or Administering your Blog with music-related content.

8. Promotion of all your content from your Youtube, Spotify, and all sales links.

9. Direct email campaigns from my 3500 strong email list of industry professionals

10. 10 pieces of Customizable, Porcelain Amulets or... / Month as Merch

My Strategy


Too much advertising It is just too expensive for most musicians and needs to be reserved for when the ads will increase income, like ads for an event.

I focus on ways to increase popularity locally so the artists can build their reputations, make money and grow their followings with word of mouth and referrals.

Also, one of the first things I have a client do is write out a detailed life story. My goal is to make my clients' well-rounded people. I have them talk about their philosophies, their beliefs, the causes they support and include tidbits from their life experiences to make them more relatable. If consumers can relate to a musician, they will be more likely to support and buy their music,

The costs are on a sliding scale, Monthly - 350.00 - $1050.00 depending on your Media Needs.


We start with the basic package, all the above, We can ad more in a piece by piece basis for you can pay more for a complete program including advertising in Local Newspaper Ads, Industry Publication Ads, Internet Radio Station Ads, Terrestrial Radio Station Ads, Online Social Media Platform Ads, Posters. There are a variety of things we can arrange including Interviews. 

Let's talk about your options.