• Michael Wallick

Angels PR Presents - ZUMBI



Genre : Trip -hop ,EDM , Electronica

Country: USA

Based: Los Angeles, California

Dimitri Craven and Jerry Andrews have been friends for over 25 years. Dimitri and Jerry met when their bands played in the same musical circles. Dimitri played bass in addition to singing for the band Color Blind. Jerry sang and played guitar in a band by the name of "Down the Line.” They would often watch each other's bands and became good friends. A few years later, Dimitri also met rapper/keyboard player Jason Soto, and they all started jamming together.

Years later, Dimitri, Jerry, and Jason started a band together; Zumbi. Their love of electronic music was just starting to hit the scene and it became really big in all the hottest clubs. They loved trip-hop/electronic and downtempo music. Groups like: Massive Attack, Thievery Corporation, and Downtempo were some of their favorites. They soon added a bass player, and a drummer, and Zumbi was born.

Zumbi started to play popular clubs in LA - The Roxy Theatre, the Whisky a Go-Go, The Key Club, and many others. They starting to attract a following as well as some industry heads. The US industry didn't understand what they were all about. They wanted Zumbi to be more commercial, a little more mainstream, and pop. During that time they recorded dozens of songs. Dimitri’s lyrics touched on many topics They were not songs that you hear on pop radio stations. After five years Zumbi disbanded but all of its members stayed in touch.

After the band was no longer together, Jerry starting working with and producing other artists. Jason’s career as a rapper/keyboardist was taking off. Jason was releasing music and touring with the group LA Symphony. They were playing and toured all around the world.

Dimitri started a career around LA as a DJ. He played at some of the LA hot spots and became a DJ to the stars. Dimitri also released a house band with his house band Zona. Zona's album got some critical acclaim and lots of airplay on house stations.

After many years apart, and the onslaught of the coronavirus, Dimitri became interested in singing again. With so much time spent locked away indoors, Dimitri felt once again rejuvenated and thought about contacting his old bandmates to see if they were feeling the same thing.

With EDM and downtempo being really big, Dimitri was thinking about Zumbi having another chance, so he decided to reach out.

Dimitri decided to call Jerry and Jason and tell them that now Is the time to put out the Zumbi album.

They reworked a Zona song and mastered them. Dimitri, Jerry, and Jason said agreed that "now is the time.” They signed with New Dream Records and are speaking to them about touring. Jerry is now is producing other artists, so he won't be able to play live all the time, but he is an integral part of the band’s music. Now with two albums of material, Zumbi will see how far this will take them.







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