• Michael Wallick

Cemedy - The Four Cord Song

This is so funny Because it is so true and this band proves it.

The Band Below is Bad Mary - Bad Mary has been releasing Original Music as Bad Mary since 2012. They are – Bill Mac on Drums who started playing at the age of 4. Dave Henderson on guitar who started playing at the age of 16. Amanda Mac is on vocals and started singing as a child while doing Musical Theater. Finally there is Mike Staub who does bass and vocals. Mike started with the trumpet in his youth while playing guitar as well. In 2007 he joined that band that would become Bad Mary in 2007.

They have all played in a multitude of bands and after years of perfecting their art came together hitting their stride and deciding on releasing music with their classic New York PUNK sound in 2012. Bill did voiceovers and been a radio host. David is a professor of theater at Hofstra University. Amanda still does Musical Theater and mike has been playing in bands since the age of 12.

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