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FICTION SYXX's "Ghosts Of My Father's Past" ------------> "Waiting, Wondering" #GRAMMYS®

Updated: Sep 1

FICTION SYXX "GHOST OF MY FATHERS PAST" Link to listen and/or purchase by clicking on this link Our new album is our best yet. CD coming soon. #fyc#grammys

FICTION SYXX has been entered for consideration for the next #GRAMMYS® Check it out here - #fyc

FICTION SYXX, is the brain child of songwriter/vocalist/guitarist, Mark Allen Lanoue [5]. Mark started writing the first track that would ultimately lay the ground work for the band Fiction Syxx. That first song called “Welcome to my Nightmare” [6] stared this new musical journey. Mark started talking with friend and multi-talented musician/songwriter/producer, JK Northrup who Mark started working with years earlier on an All Star project called Liberty N Justice [7][8] and who was a former member of bands such as King Kobra III [9], and XYZ (American band) [10] about starting putting together the core members of what would become FICTION SYXX.

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