• Michael Wallick


These are moments from some of our favorite features from 18 episodes and over 9 hours of original audio theater. The series was created and produced by Shadoe Stevens and an all-star cast of contributors: Written by Shadoe & Joshua Weinstein, with Sarge Pickman, Dave Nichols, and consultation by Timothy Hallinan, Soundtrack by Chuck Cirino, with voices by Michael Orenstein, JC Wendel, Josh Robert Thompson, Ana Fesmire, Diane Nichols, Marshall McCabe, Davin Fesmire, Amber Stevens West, Alesha Renee, and Phil Hendrie, Jingles by Shadoe & Tom Canning, music title by Psyche, additional music by Robert Johnson and Porterhouse Bob, website by Lee Totten, Social Media by Chynarose Stevens and Susan Short. Announcer: Dylan Jagger, with works in progress: Wade Chitwood, Beau Obremski, and Rob Mullin.

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