• Michael Wallick

ROBYN FERGUSON Called THE WAKING WORLD (South African Progressive Multi Instrumentalist

Greetings again Michael from Devo in South Africa. I hope you are doing well? I am excited to share this breathtakingly beautiful new EP called THE WAKING WORLD from South African Progressive Multi Instrumentalist Extraordinaire ROBYN FERGUSON. Never one to fall casualty to conformity, this release is a contrasting shift in her creative approach and further demonstrates her immense melodic talent and skillset. Traditionally you will know Robyn as a blistering Instrumental Prog Rock Guitarist and Ibanez Ambassador (and a staunch representative for South Africa at many International Festivals), yet this time she applied her skills to deliver a phenomenal Ambient Piano Soundscape, solidly proving she will not be boxed in by convention, and that her creativity and talents know no boundaries! Kindly consider this release to share on your channel as news or a review. Robyn is also available for interviews. Everything you need is below, and if you need anything in addition just let me know.

I thank you for your valuable time and contribution, and please take care out there in this challenging time.

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