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Holding The Criminal Mental Health System Accountable

Updated: Jul 13

This is not only my experience but the experience of millions of others. In extreme cases these drugs help but my case was NOT extreme. I was never violent before these drugs. When I hit a cop in 2016 I was awakened to the fact I was not getting better but worse. It took three years of educating myself going as far as to start a Master's Program in Neuroscience. I quit them in 2019 and my life has improved. I am functioning better but way worse than before the medications. My story with evidence, not opinions

I am done with lawyers. Looking back in my records there are so many lies and exaggerations, which is what psychiatrist do to protect themselves with meaningless jargon, look at the article below, that the lawyers look at it and say it is too complicated. You try to explain and they tell you, well he is a doctor, he documented it, like a documented lie is not a lie.

Lawyers are trapped. As angry as I get when they refuse my case I understand. One firm is jumping on the ZOLOFT bandwagon, which I had been prescribed twice, once in the beginning, then again a couple years later,. Zoloft has been proven to have no clinical significance whatsoever. I will have more videos on Psychiatry, Deceptive Marketing Techniques and more soon.

They will not take my case individually but, thankfully MIGHT include me in a class action suit. The drug companies and psychiatrists muddy the waters so much and so many depend on the appeal to authority fallacy, which is another way these crooks are protected by the law, It is is so expensive to hire opposition experts that individual justice is non existent.

You people took someone with a brain injury, a DAMAGED BRAIN, and fed me Brain Damaging Psychiatric drugs. No Doctor would prescribe someone 2 antipsychotics simultaneously Seroquel, the average dose is 100 - 300mg, I was on 800, then 600 at my insistence then 400 (I lost 15 pounds read on to see why this is important) From 2001 to 2015 I was given also Risperdal, Zoloft, Depakote, Klonapin, Clonazapam, Xyprexa, Roserum, Prozac, Lithium, Xanax, and over 20 years many others were thrown at me. Those are just the ones i remember and are in the records I have.

Robert Nordman was a Nurse Practitioner. The Psychiatrist who started this was Dr. Francis Gagliardi. from The Verde Valley Guidance Clinic. He presided over thousands, all of whom were on cocktails of these dangerous drugs being paid and rewarded in other ways by the drug companies. he told me about some of his conventions, and paid vacations.

The drugs cause weight gain and diabetes and he told me it was lifestyle. I have always had a healthy diet with plenty of exercise. After I quit the rest of the drugs I lost 20 pounds in less than 2 months. My craving for carbs disappeared. I started being able to live again because the apathy, which is also a side effects of the meds had me sitting around doing nothing with no ambition. The depersonalization they cause by shutting down your neurotransmitters and emotions have seriously damaged my relationship with my family.

Let's look at the side effects have been tied to irrational anger, homicidal and suicidal ideations, mass shooting as well as the killing of Doctors, Therapists, Spouses, Children an d Infants (Dr. Kelly Brogan, a wholistic Psychiatrist. They also stunt personality development - They are causing mental illness -

Side effects - this is why Zoloft is being condemned. It is all lies. The information has been out since the early 90's.

Medicating Normal - Robert Whitaker - Author of "Anatomy of an Epidemic" -

Treatment with NO MEDICATION -

The average medicated SMI person has a lifespan 20 years shorter than people who are not heavily mediated. I In spite of the objective testing and what one test sad, "an aversion to physical violence" I was diagnoses as SMI - Seriously Mentally Ill. A lie not supported by any objective test. My informed consent was, "Risperdal can cause teenagers to grow breasts and you might develop Tardive Diskinisia."

You, Spectrum Healthcare just continued doing what he did. YOU never re evaluated me. I asked to be referred to a neuropsychologist, a brain doctor and was told by Nordman, The PA, not a psychiatrist, that after 25 years it "would not help, it was better to take the medication." Documented in my records. my records from The Verde Valley Guidance Clinic were destroyed when Spectrum Healthcare took over. Spectrum took over in 2013. We asked for the records have in 2015. 2001 - 2013 were not included. By law they were to keep them till 2020, 7 years. Now they have been destroyed. What were they hiding? I know. LIES and EXAGERATIONS.

My original prescriber had me in one medication. After she quit the replacement psychiatrist (fresh out of med school) told me she "would not support my disability status" I got angry at her and Gagliardi, the director, took my case personally, which is when I was prescribed 800 mg of Seroquel. When you get angry at these people's lies and inconsistencies they say it is a sign of mental illness or you are reported as combative in the records. All OPINION. There is no such thing as Situational Depression or Justified Reactions to their lies inconsistencies, and broken promises. They are all signs of mental illness to these people. Everything you do is seen through the filter of mental illness.

@SpectrumCares - NO YOU DON'T. You are criminals. I have been tried on almost every psychiatric drug made between 1999 and 2015 to no affect. They call this, Medication Resistance, not the fact that these drugs do not meet the standards of clinically ineffectiveness when you compare them with the unpublished data. (see the study in the video below). They can do studies out the ying yang and only need two that, By chance, that are clinically significant, said a former director of the FDA, who are controlled by the laws made by politicians who accept money from drug companies. (refer to the video below).

YOU had 2 of my 4 Neuropsychological Examinations that stated I was NOT Psychotic. YET, you had me on two antipsychotics. You people are irresponsible. How is it the opinion of a psychiatrist with conflicts of interest mean more than objective tests?

Debi Cardi, an administrator at Spectrum Healthcare said we could get the diagnosis legally removed and set me the forms. I filled it out, and I sent it back with a new Neuropsychological Evaluation (March 2021) That not only said I was not Psychotic, (2008, and 2014, 2018 and 2021). The newest one said "His responses WERE NOT CONSISTANT with presence of psychiatric or behavioral Dysfunction". No Objective Test has ever indicated I had any issues OTHER than the ones cause by the drugs. All you people do is LIE!!!. I left her an angry message, one of 4 that she did not return. I am sure that will be used against me if this goes forward. They set you up to fail and when their promises go unkept and you get angry they use it against you.

I have not heard from her because it would be an admission they misdiagnosed me and don't want to open themselves up to a lawsuit. It is impossible to get these people to do the right thing. All they care about is money. I realized the damage that was done in 2019. After this year I will be unable to sue. This is another tactic, they wait for the statute of limitations pass. Once you realize you have been damaged you have 2 years to bring a lawsuit.

You promised me Therapy, which never occurred because of budget issues. I have the records, There was never any therapy but there was a notation I should continue therapy AND Two notations saying I was "Psychotic in the past". Remember THE ROSENHAN EXPERIMENT, that proved psychiatry CAN NOT TELL THE DIFFERENCE between Sanity and Insanity?

ON 6 February 1969, David Lurie told a psychiatrist at Haverford State Hospital in Pennsylvania that he had been hearing voices. “Hollow”, “empty” and “thud”, they said.

The voices were the only symptom experienced by the otherwise healthy 39-year-old copywriter. After an in-depth interview, in which Lurie was asked about his family life and two children, he was diagnosed with schizophrenia and hospitalized.

Yet all was not as it seemed. David Lurie didn’t exist. This was, in fact, an alias for psychologist David Rosenhan of Stanford University in California, who went undercover with seven other “pretenders” to test whether psychiatric staff could distinguish sanity from insanity.

Published in 1973, his study contributed to an erosion of public faith in psychiatry, a mistrust memorably portrayed in the 1975 film One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest starring Jack Nicholson.

Rosenhan’s work held up for scrutiny the often harmful nature of psychiatric hospitals and galvanized a growing movement to shut the large ones and replace them with smaller, community-based mental health centers.

In its wake, “psychiatrists looked like unreliable and antiquated quacks unfit to join in the research revolution”, says psychiatrist Allen Frances, formerly at Duke University School of Medicine in North Carolina.

Rosenhan’s paper was “one of the most influential pieces of social science published in the 20th century”, says sociologist and historian Andrew Scull at the University of California, San Diego.

Then there is this study - that shows psychiatric diagnoses are scientifically meaningless. WHY - They are opinions that mean more than objective tests because of DRUG COMPANY PROPAGANDA, NOT EVIDENCE,

MORE VIDEOS EXPOSING psychiatry and psychiatric drugs are on the way. SPECTRUM - YOU WILL BE IN ALL these as will The Verde Valley Guidance Clinic. HOW MANY MORE LIVES will you ruin on top of those you already have?

Both of you - Prescribing me these drugs for a brain injury while telling me a Neuropsychologist would not help and denying me CBT, which has done wonders for me was CRIMINAL. I trusted you and you abused my trust. From 2001 - 2015 I was prescribed your poison.

YOU ALSO never considered PTSD after knowing I was in a Car Accident and was in a coma for 17 days. THAT neurologist said I was normal and could not account for the symptoms I was suffering. The drugs themselves cause psychosis, Hallucinations and an INCREASED risk of suicide among many others people have been hospitalized for. You are Charlatans, all of you

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