Lunga "RYTIOUS" Sithole

Wow, Rytious is one of the few rappers I like. When you hear his music you will understand why. When I was doing an online radio station I contacted him and he sent, "Kings Move Forward" I loved it.


Rytious lives in Johannesburg, South Africa. He started rapping when he was 12 years old and writes and produces his own music.


  Rytious has been blessed to meet and work with Some amazing talent. His aim is not only to become known locally, but to make his mark on the international market as well. 


He is sure that working with the right Talent and following through with his marketing team's strategy as well as keeping his nose to the grindstone he will reach his goal. In fact, he has also been heard on radio stations all around Africa, Europe and The US.


  During his stay with Lungelo (In Johannesbutg), Rytious was then given the opportunity to work with “General” from Chiskop where he was featured on his first single from the album “Ngifuna Imali Yami”.Which made the number 1 spot in the Yfm Hot 9 at 9 Kwaito 


   Rytious then left Lungelo to work with Midrand producer “Metabolism” on 2 tracks called “Get Ya Grind On” and “Never leave”. The music video for “Get Your Grind” has been shot and is still circulating on the internet, it also made its debut on Channel O in 2010.   While building his life in Johannesburg and making a name for himself in the music industry, he began working with well known South African producer Dome on his latest album called “Tears of Gold”. 


 On his latest album "Tears Of Gold" Rytious worked with Dome, one of the best hip hop producers in South Africa.  In 2012 Rytious joined “Team Tswara”which consists of Divabwoi, Gimboss & Dome to complete the team.They made 2 Songs which Benni McCarthy  


   “Viva Africa”Team Tswara ft Benni McCarthy produced By Dome was the 1st released single, which was endorsed by the 2013 CAF Tournament held in South Africa, this song made worldwide news, it played on international & local radiostations & also got Rytious to be on the supersport channel to promote the song in a message to bring Africa closer together as a continent.